Protect Our Students. Protect Our Future.

Plans are being made to close Sneads Elementary School (SES) and send our children to school in Grand Ridge. The Jackson County School Board (JCSB) has been awarded a grant to build a K-8 school and has selected the site of Grand Ridge Middle School (GRMS) to build it.

Here’s why we must take action to protect SES:

Closing SES will hurt our students.

SES has held an “A” rating for the past 14 years – and is the only school in Jackson County to earn this accomplishment. Many of our SES teachers do not think this trend will continue if the school is closed and incorporated into a K-8 school.

The loss of a school can have devastating consequences for a town.

Transporting students to Grand Ridge will inevitably take business away from Sneads, adversely affecting our economy. We all witnessed the decline of Chattahoochee following the closure of their high school.

There is a lack of transparency surrounding the decision to build a school at the GRMS site.

The town of Sneads was not properly informed of plans to move the proposed location from Sneads to Grand Ridge. Without full transparency and accountability, the plans should not be allowed to move forward. 

Now is the time to TAKE ACTION.

We are calling for the Jackson County School Board (JCSB) to halt their plans and work with both communities, Sneads and Grand Ridge, to create an outcome that will benefit both towns.

Sign our petition to the JCSB calling for them to reconsider their plans and protect SES.

Dear Jackson County School Board (JCSB) Members, 

As a resident of Jackson County, I have signed the petition calling for the JCSB to halt its plans to close Sneads Elementary School (SES) and build a K-8 school at Grand Ridge Middle School (GRMS). 

I am deeply concerned and question the logic and motivations behind this decision: 

  1. What is the logic behind disbanding an “A” school that has consistently provided a great education and environment for the students?
  2. Why is it a good plan to utilize some of the existing structures of GRMS, but not a good plan to do the same with the SES?
  3. Why are the SES buildings not adequate for an elementary school, but are for a Pre-K that the JCSB says will be housed there?
  4. Why was Sneads not properly informed of the plans to build at the GRMS site?

Increased transparency is critical, and I hope JCSB will consider working with both communities – Sneads and Grand Ridge – to create an outcome that will benefit both towns. 

The citizens of Sneads want a win-win outcome instead of a win-lose outcome. If building a K-8 school is not the best option for both towns, we should work toward improving SES and GRMS where they currently stand.

Thank you for your time, service, and consideration.

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